ZPB Self-Synchronisation HRV

Kate (aged about 36) has recently been experiencing some difficulties in her life. This has been due mainly to external pressures of family demands, including demanding children and a partner who has been working too hard for his own good. Looking for a way to cope better, she found out about ZPB Self-Synchronisation (Zero-Point Breathing) at her local Holistic Health Centre The Isbourne. Then, after trying the technique once, she was hooked, as she could clearly see the potential benefits.

Kate picked up on how to do the ZPB Self-Synchronisation Technique almost immediately, and with only a little practice we have noticed a significant improvement in her heartbeat rhythm and HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

ZPB Self-Synchronisation Kate's early attempt at ZPB Self-Synchronisation shows how her heartbeat rhythm is dramatically improved.

ZPB Self-Synchronisation Her second attempt at ZPB Self-Synchronisation a month later shows much better coherence in general. 

Now, she is a regular at the practice group I run at the Isbourne Centre each month, and she is encouraging her friends and family to come along and learn this new and amazing therapy technique.