Heart Health for Crystal

Crystal's HRV Plymouth 02/10/14

Being very interested in health, especially heart health, I have experience of all sorts of different types of therapies and practices. I have practiced Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Pilates and more. Nothing has been as simple and easy to learn and do however, as ZPB Self-Synchronisation.

The effects...... emotional calmness, mental clarity, better sleeping patterns, less food and drink bingeing. Spiritually, I am finding myself at more equilibrium as the battle between my head and my heart is slowly becoming more obvious to me. And, with these valuable insights, I am more able to reconcile my mental and emotional inconsistencies and make better decisions.

Thank you Robin for showing me this extremely useful and valuable skill!!

Crystal's Heart Health Crystal's 1st half of recording

Heart Health Crystals good graph Her 2nd half when she is using the ZPB Technique