Jane is noticing benefits already

Jane Cheltenham Jane CheltenhamI was very happy to hear about ZPB because, as a practising Psychologist I already knew how important good breathing is for managing stress and emotional problems. However, in my consultation with Robin I learned a lot more about this than I knew before and I’m now firmly convinced that everyone should know about it. The technique is easy to practice, and although I haven’t yet been doing it for very long, I have already noticed feeling less stressed about work and everyday problems. I feel I am enjoying life more, maybe because I’m less energy into everyday worries and due to this I feel, well, more positive and contented with life.


Early HRV recording 1st HRV

Jan HRV 2 2nd HRV

Jan HRV 3 3rd 1 Month later

Jan HRV 4 4th 1 Month after the 3rd

As can be seen from the Graphs above, Jane has been able to make steady improvements to her Heart rate variability. She has achieved this by practicing ZPB for a few minutes a day.