Angie's Panic and anxiety solution

Angie Waters Plymouth How much sense does that make as a panic and anxiety solution!? Making your breathing and heartbeat synchronised and regulated for efficiency must be one of the most overlooked natural means for improving Human health ever!

Using Bio-feedback, I was shown by Robin, the direct influence of my breathing over my hearts functioning. I could clearly see that my heart was beating quite erratically. It was a real revelation for me to learn that I could actually control and regulate my heartbeat to make it beat better. I was shown by Robin that with a breathing technique he called ZPB, I could synch my breathing and heartbeat. When doing this simple little exercise both functioned harmonised with each other.

Now I am experiencing less panic and anxiety as my bodies rhythms are brought into what Robin described as coherence.

Angie Bad Angie's 1st HRV session to help with her panic and anxiety

panic and anxiety Angie's 2nd HRV using synchronised breathing

Discovering that I would be learning to regulate and control my breathing to make my whole body work better at the same time makes very good sense, so I continue to practise to this day.