Health and Wellbeing 'Code' Cracked

Press Release

Code Cracked For Human Health And wellbeing!

Health Discovery – Incredibly Simple Technique That Creates FUNDAMENTAL Health and Wellbeing.

Don’t like exercise much? Don’t worry! Health and fitness enthusiast from Devon UK offers you an effective shortcut that you can start using today.

After spending over 2 years intensely studying how his heartbeat rhythm is influenced by his breathing, professional Heart Rhythm Coach, Rob Hemmings now says that he has ‘cracked the code’ for Human health and wellbeing.

His unique discovery, now called The Masterbeat Technique (formerly ZPB Self-Synchronisation) is a way to synchronise breathing and heartbeat functions to a specific sequence that makes them work more in harmony together. This 'harmonisation' simultaneously increases the efficiency of both functions. And this, Robin says, is the basis for creating and maintaining health and wellbeing, on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Epiphany creates Eureka moment

Since finding out about the many profound health benefits of improving heart coherence (HC), and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) through the Institute of Heartmath in 2012, Rob has been diligently using their electronic bio-feedback equipment to carefully study and improve his own heartbeat rhythm.

Then, early one morning in May 2013, whilst doing his usual daily practice of heartbeat rhythm training, Rob had an ‘Epiphany’ moment, that offered him a new and valuable insight.

He then tried a slightly different way of breathing to see how it would affect his heartbeat rhythm.

Eureka! Dramatic improvements to his heartbeat graphs were instantly apparent.

The ‘Code’ was cracked and the Masterbeat Self-Synchronisation Technique was discovered. It was exactly what he had been searching for, for nearly 2 years. It was THE WAY to MAXIMISE Heart Coherence and Heart Rate Variability quickly, effectively and naturally.

Finger on the pulse

Health and Wellbeing Technique Discovered

Rob didn’t stop there though. Feeling certain that his 'health code' discovery was a way to implement the best breathing pattern for creating maximum heart coherence (HC), his challenge became how to make it easy and accessible to everyone and anyone.

With a little common sense thinking, he achieved just that. And now, he says that anyone can create significantly more heart coherence and Heart Rate Variability for themselves, quickly, and easily and without the need for any equipment.

In it’s most basic form, Rob says that Masterbeat Self- Synchronisation is simply taking a fingertip pulse reading and breathing in and out in direct relationship to the beat. When this is done accurately, heartbeat rhythm is dramatically improved and simultaneously becomes synchronised with the more rhythmic breathing.

On reflection about his health discovery, Rob now says;

“I am totally convinced that I have found something new that is immensely significant for human health and wellbeing.”

“Top health and fitness experts commonly use the Heart Rate Variable (HRV) and Heart Coherence (HC) measurements as a health and fitness indicator, because they understand how significant it is. Through my experimentation, perseverance, inspiration, dedication, and determination, I have learned the way to simultaneously maximise both of these measurements.”

“Now, in my new eBook, I accurately describe how anyone can do the same, anywhere, anytime and without the need for any equipment. Once The Masterbeat Technique is learned (often in less than 5 minutes) it becomes a very easy to remember skill for life".

The Masterbeat Technique eBook (AKA ZPB Self-Synchronisation) is available for immediate download from his website