Simple Golf Improvement Technique

Golf Improvement Technique and powerful stress relieving exercise all in one.

There is something for everyone when it comes to The ZPB Self-Synchronisation Technique. Golfers in particular can benefit greatly. Why would that be? Because when someone is about to hit a ball with incredible precision and sometimes force, as when playing Golf, the first thing they would need to do is steady themselves ready to take the shot.

When I say 'steady' I don't just mean adopting a stance so that they don't move about too much, although I do mean that as well. What I am particularly referring to is an internal steadiness and composure.

Okay, so you are a Golfer and you want to improve your game and reduce your handicap. What is the BEST way for you to achieve that? Buy better clubs? Practice more often? Pay for more Coaching lessons? Maybe you have even considered hypnosis or NLP?

All of these methods could help you to play better. But, doing any of these whilst also incorporating The ZPB Self-Synchronisation Technique ® alongside, could be the two pronged approach that REALLY helps your game be more consistent.


Now, Golf is not my main choice for sport, I will admit that now and hope that you don't judge me too harshly for it. I do however currently like to play Bowls and Skittles, (I know, but please bear with me). What I have noticed during playing, is that I achieve much better results now that I regularly 'steady' myself with the ZPB (Zero-Point Breathing) Self-Synchronisation Technique®

Heartbeat - Breathing - Movement

When I play each time, I pick up the ball, line it up with the pins, do the exact same walk up to the line whilst breathing in and bringing my arm steadily back. Then, I bowl as I exhale. The ball leaves my fingertips just as I am finishing my short, but accurately timed mini exhalation.

Now, because my breathing and my heartbeat are synchronised through my Technique, they are therefore in alignment with each other. And because all my movements are subtly influenced by my breathing, there becomes a connection between my heartbeat and my fingertips through my breath.

My heartbeat is now trained to be much more rhythmic, steady and predictable, through breathing and heartbeat synchronisation. That steadiness is transferred through my breath, all the way to my hand, and so to the ball, right up until it finally leaves my fingertips.

Now, you might be thinking that there is little comparison between Golf and Skittles regarding skill and accuracy. But, I can say that I have experienced dramatic and consistent improvements in my skittles game, so I am compelled to say that there will be very positive benefits for Golfers as well, when they adopt the ZPB Technique.

Based on Scientific Bio-Feedback Training 

There is already another very similar simple Golf Improvement Technique currently being used by some Top Golfers. It is called Heart Coherence Training, watch inspiring video.  I think It is really good, as it works with similar principles. I used this equipment myself to develop ZPB Self-Synchronisation. Along with many other people  'in the know', I would describe it as a real find. Heartmath UK.

The ZPB Self-Synchronisation Technique is the application of this Heart Coherence technology, but it goes one step further. ZPB very quickly and easily brings both breathing and heartbeat into a high level of orderly rhythm. It does this very effectively for most people, but without the need for any equipment, making it much more accessible and cost effective.

So, maybe you are now wondering how to do the ZPB Self-Synchronisation Exercise Technique ® and whether or not it is difficult and/or complicated? And whether it is the type of simple Golf Improvement Technique that would suit you.

I have successfully coached many clients now and can safely say that it is neither difficult nor complicated. It is usually learnt in about 5-10 minutes by most.

Could 'Heartbeat Chaos' be affecting your game?

As explained, this simple Technique works by bringing the heartbeat into a more steady rhythm. It is worth pointing out that the vast majority of people tend to have very erratic heartbeat rhythms most of the time. As a professional Heart Rhythm Coach, I do heartbeat rhythm analyses for people of all ages and backgrounds. The gathered information from all the readings that I have acquired makes compelling evidence that 'Heartbeat Chaos' (which is a fairly new term) is currently going unrecognised.

This internally hidden, chaotic activity could be affecting your playing ability in ways that you had never even considered before. But, if you steady your heart and it's beating rhythm using balanced and synchronised breathing, you can eliminate the danger of this.

Golf Improvement TechniqueBad case of Heartbeat Chaos.

Golf Improvement Technique Typical example of H Beat rhythm changing with ZPB.

So, not only does this specific technique, steady the heartbeat and help eliminate Heartbeat Chaos, it also simultaneously aligns each heartbeat with the breathing. This in turn, makes the breathing and heartbeat responses harmonise with each other. This 'harmonisation' has a powerful steadying effect on both functions simultaneously as they synchronise to the specific ZPB sequence. They then 'Buddy up' and support each other's functioning better, which in turn reduces internal resistance and allows the body's energy to flow more easily.

And of course, blood circulation is also improved, as the heartbeat and breathing become more effective and efficient. With your energy and your blood etc. flowing more easily around your body, physical movements can become smoother and more graceful as stiffness in muscles and joints become gently released.

Be ready for your Shot with this New Golf improvement Technique

With your breathing and heartbeat regulated and synchronised and your blood and subtle energy flowing better around your body, you can become 'steadier' and more ready to take your shot.

When you position yourself, with the ball at your feet, about to take a swing at it, you can more easily find your internal 'sweet spot' (your centre) and be able to move more gracefully from that point. All these factors together can help you to deliver a smoother, more sophisticated and accurate stroke.

Golf improvement Technique

I know how fundamentally important inner balance is for performing well physically, especially whilst competing under pressure, (no, I'm not talking about Skittles here). I admit that I know very little about how to play Golf. I do however know the 'kernel of truth' about internal balance and how to achieve it quickly and easily. 

Mental and emotional strength and resilience (yes, there is more).

Another interesting point about this technique as well, is that it helps to focus the mind. It reduces mental chatter and negative thought processes, both in the moment and cumulatively over time. The increased mental and emotional strength and resilience acquired by doing this exercise technique, can result in being able to maintain more playing composure and consistency, even after a long day on the course.

With the mind less cluttered and clearer it becomes easier to focus your imagination in order to visualise a successful shot, even when under pressure.

Also worth mentioning is that, when the mind, breathing and heartbeat are all calm and in balance with each other, better spatial awareness can result. This happens as an internal still point is reached, allowing for improved sensory receptivity. Judgements of wind speed and ground conditions etc. can then be more accurate as you become more sensitive to your environment.

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ZPB Self-Synchronisation is a method of self-improvement that offers so many other benefits alongside. Improving Golfing abilities and other sports skills makes it become an extremely worthwhile exercise technique for the Modern Sports Competitor.