Complement to Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga

On Saturday the 12th Sept the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham were just finishing their Taster Week. As a Tutor there, I offered free HRV sessions with my Bio-Feedback Heart Rhythm measuring device, an Emwave Desktop from the Heartmath Institute.

I was greeted that afternoon, by a group of 12 people all eager to find out what ZPB Self-Synchronisation is and how it could help them. Many of them had already read a brief description and most of them had a questions to ask me about it.

Zero-Point Breathing is one of my favourite topics of conversation, and has been since I was able formulate it into a workable exercise that anyone can do with ease.

I love having the opportunity to demonstrate the instant effectiveness of it when it is put into practice using Bio-feedback. This is especially powerful when in a group such as this, because it highlights how different people's heartbeat rhythms can be, and how easy it can be to improve them.

Everyone was open and friendly with me and each other. They also seemed very willing to share where they were at, with their health and well being. This openness helped with everybody's understanding when comparing heartbeat rhythm graph lines, as shown below.

The following is a brief account of what was discovered on the day.

First up was Sue. Guessing her age, I would estimate about 50 years old. Sue is a non smoker.

As is very usual with a new client's heartbeat rhythm measurement, hers started of with virtually no rhythm to speak of. Then, with adopting Breathing and Heartbeat Synchronisation, immediate changes occur.

Before Synchronisation Sue 1

During Synchronisation Sue 2

Although not in any way conclusive to her overall heart health, by reading her graph line, she doesn't seem to be exhibiting any real causes for concern. Sue's heart rhythm responded positively and very quickly to her breathing, which is a good sign for her cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Sue's example here is a good result. She has demonstrated the ability to create heartbeat rhythm using only her breathing and nothing else.

Next up was Anita

Before I put the clip on Anita's earlobe (which is where we get a pulse reading from) I found out from her that she was looking for something as a complement to Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga .

Most often, I initially see erratic graph plot lines dramatically change to smooth and rhythmic during the course of a consultation or demonstration.

Other times, I may see a fairly smooth and even line develop initially during a new client's reading. This then becomes interesting because, when finding out more about that person, the reasons often becomes apparent as to why their heart is not beating as erratically as many others.

In Anita's case, it seemed clear to me, that her Meditation and Yoga practices were keeping her from becoming too stressed. Stress and heartbeat rhythm is a 2 way street. If you are stressed it will affect your heartbeat rhythm. And conversely, if you work to improve your heartbeat rhythm (with your breathing for example) you can help alleviate stress.

Anita's first 4 minutes Anita 1

Anita's second half of HRV recording Anita 2

As you can see from the 2nd chart above, the heartbeat rhythm improved for Anita when she changed her breathing slightly, under my directions.

The ZPB Technique would certainly complement her other holistic practices and help her get more benefit from them.

Now we come to Denise.

Denise shared with me and the group that she suffered with M.E.

She said that she gets tired very quickly and had been suffering like this for years.

I'm not a Medical Doctor, and for me, the body seems far too complicated to be completely understood. Therefore, I like to work simply with the fundamental principles of health (we have to start somewhere).

And, as I understand it, the primary functions of life are first heartbeat and then breathing. And, it is in getting these two to work harmoniously together that we begin to work with the 'fundamental principles of health'.

Denise without ZPB Den 1

Denise with ZPB Den 2

Denise was an interesting case for the whole group to observe. Health wise, she may have been the most compromised out of all of us present. But, did this show up in her HRV reading? Certainly it was plain to see that hers was dramatically different from the others on that day.

However, Denise's charts, shown above, demonstrate that she can create rhythm using her breathing, and that is a healthy sign. This ability also gives us a good platform to work from to develop more harmony between breathing and heartbeat functions.

Excited by seeing the changes she could easily make to the way her heart beats from moment to moment, Denise (along with a few of the others present) purchased my book and said she would like to attend my evening practice group held regularly at the Isbourne Centre.

I feel that with working with her to bring her into more coherence using my ZPB Self-Synchronisation Technique, it should be possible to help her body to work more efficiently at a fundamental level. Then, vital energy can be conserved and not wasted, hopefully helping her to live a healthier and more energetic life.