Calcium effects Heart Coherence

As a Tutor/Practitioner at the Isbourne Centre In Cheltenham, I have been able to give people the chance to have a quick heart activity health check. Now, whereas the readings are not conclusive to overall heart health, they offer a very interesting indication of how relaxed or stressed a heart may be at that time.

Jay came to me as a prospective client. She said she likes to practice alternative and preventative medicine and was very interested in the idea of synchronising breathing and heartbeat for health and wellbeing. During her session with me, we measured her heartbeat rhythm. a good one of jans This is 50 year old Jay’s first HRV chart.

About half way along the time line shown, I encouraged Jay to breathe using my specific ZPB technique. I was expecting to see a change in her graph line as a result. My expectations were based on my many previous clients recordings, but as you can see from the graph above there was very little, if any noticeable change in rhythm.

After I told her about my earlier suspicions about Calcium on Heart Coherence measures, (more specifically, extra  calcium in supplement form) causing potential heart problems, she decided (of her own volition!) to take a break from using them. She was only being advised to use this supplement as a precautionary measure against a potential calcium deficiency problem.

Now, this second Graph of Jay’s was taken 3 weeks after her initial reading. During that 3 week period, I was assured by her that she had not ingested any Calcium supplements. Jane no 2 Jay’s 2nd HRV reading

As you can see, there is a definite change from the first recording.

The first half of the plot line is when Jay is just sitting and breathing as she normally would. The second half is when I direct her breathing so that it starts to synchronise with her heartbeat.

It should be clearly visible from the second half of the plot line, that there is rhythm and coherence being achieved and this could be maintained by her for extended periods.

I was very pleased with this result! It meant that I could continue to help my client improve how her heart was beating and therefore help her wellbeing in general. Without being able to see a level of rhythm being developed however, (as with her first effort) my job would be much more difficult.

Looking at Jay’s example, it seems that there could certainly be a link between heart rhythm activity and the ingestion of calcium supplements. Jay is now looking at more natural alternatives for calcium intake.

Exactly 4 weeks later (I run monthly classes) Jay came to me again. She assured me that she had not been ingesting Calcium Supplements and we tested her HRV once again to see if there had been a change and an improvement. JANS NO 3 Jay’s 3rd HRV Recording

jans no 4 Jay's 4th HRV Recording

As you should be able to clearly see from these line graphs, Jay is now showing much more variable than she initially did (after about 2 months).

This is not conclusive evidence that the Calcium effects Heart Coherence for Jay. It does however, give good reason to investigate further, the potential affects of extra Calcium (in supplementation form) on heart responses, if only to disprove the possibility that there is a danger that is not currently being properly recognised.


Blog Update 1/October/15

This article came to my attention recently and seems to strongly back up my argument against these supplements.

Article from the Health Correspondent of the Independent


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