Heart Attack Prevention

To help the people who need it most to become aware of this new, alternative heart attack prevention method, I have placed an advert in the Local Cheltenham Echo, Gloucestershire Citizen and Stroud Life newspapers. Here is a copy of the advert;

Heart Attack Prevention

I am especially addressing people who are concerned about heart attack prevention and stroke prevention, because they are most likely to appreciate the true value and benefits of doing the ZPB exercise. Of course, once someone has survived a stroke or heart attack they will be very concerned about it happening again.

Through my experience as a Heart Coach, I can say that most people usually demonstrate very erratic heartbeat rhythms. It is however, my clients who are experiencing the more serious health issues that generally demonstrate a more erratic heartbeat compared to the others.

It is generally considered normal for a heart to exhibit an erratic beating pattern when being measured. And within certain parameters, this is not usually considered to be a problem by most doctors and specialists.

Client example

The question that remains however, is how excessively erratic does a heartbeat have to be before it becomes acknowledgeable that there could be risk of a heart attack?

Erratic Heartbeat Fairly Erratic Heartbeat Rhythm

Bad case of Heartbeat Chaos

But, on the flip side, there is strong evidence, that creating a more rhythmic heartbeat can have a positive effect on heart health.

Heart attack Prevention

Heart attack prevention is an important consideration for many. If you are worried about the possibility of having an attack, try improving your heartbeat rhythm using ZPB Self-Synchronisation.

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