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Inner Fitness

100% Guaranteed to improve your INNER fitness levels, with measurable results.

True inner fitness is not always obvious.Synchronising breathing & heartbeat functions CAN GIVE an a VERY GOOD INDICATION of YOUR inner state. THIS, at the same time, HELPS CREATE AN ADVANCED LEVEL OF FITNESS, WHICH IS WHY BIOFEEDBACK TECHNIQUES ARE ADOPTED BY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES.

A quest for power

I have had an on-going quest to (re)-discover the secret power of the breath since I had an experience whilst running when I was young and at school. Whilst taking part in a long cross-country running event, I unexpectedly tapped into a hidden power source that was somehow related to my breathing. That power helped propel me towards the race finishing line much faster than I, my school mates and my teacher believed I was capable of. It also left me with reserves of energy afterwards that made me wish the race were even longer than the huge distance it already was. 

“....I unexpectedly tapped into a hidden power source that was somehow related to my breathing”

Once I had discovered this, and seen how powerfully effective it was for improving my own heartbeat rhythm (coherence) and HRV measurements, it was time to see if it worked equally as well for other people.

So, in 2014 I became a certified Heart Coherence Coach with the Institute of Heartmath. They are real pioneers in this specific science, due to their ground breaking research and development of easily useable, but advanced equipment and software. The same equipment and software that I used to discover, develop and perfect Masterbeat.